bluezoo with Kristi J

This dining experience took place on September 19, 2014

Our friend Kristi J was in town recently, we returned to bluezoo lounge en masse and tried a few new things!

Chef Jimmy Reyes brought out an amuse bouche for us – this is his take on Thanksgiving dinner… The three of us agreed that this should be very popular on the bluezoo autumn/winter menu – we truly enjoyed it. We were all particularly taken with the maple cranberry – sweet and tart.

bluezoo 140919 - 1

Chicken Roulade with maple cranberry sauce and pureed celery root with chestnut chip – yummy

Kristi has never had the #burgerchangeslife… So we suggested ordering one and splitting it. She got half the burger, I got the other half, and nick had the parmesan truffle fries.

bluezoo 140919 - 2

the BZ burger, if you haven’t had it… go get it

You already know, if you read this blog and follow us on twitter, the special for Magical Dining Month at bluezoo was sous vide grilled octopus with pasta. We each had a half portion… Yes, it was delicious and yes, we were full afterwards.

bluezoo 140919 - 3

sous vide octopus with pasta marinera

Thank you Kristi for going to bluezoo with us again! Glad that a good time was had by all.

Thank you bluezoo for another lovely Friday evening.

an unplanned lunch at Sanaa with our niece

This dining experience took place on September 24, 2014

The three of us had spent our morning on the Backstage Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom (more on that to come next week). We had planned to go to Sanaa for Lunch with an Animal Specialist on Saturday (more on that next week too) however, when we finished our tour, we were all very hungry and since you can typically get into Sanaa as walk-ups (one of the few places that will still do that at Walt Disney World, Thank you Sanaa) we decided to give it a shot. Plus, they have LAMB on their lunch menu.

We started with the Appetizer Sampler (we skipped the excellent Indian-Style Bread Service because we knew that would be part of the Lunch with an Animal Specialist). The lamb kefta sliders were good, the salty feta cheese was especially appreciated by our little group. The Chana Tikki was just a bit bland and strange, the texture wasn’t what we expected (sort of like hummus with chick peas mixed in), I expected that they would have been a bit crispier on the edges. The potato and pea samosas were good as always. There were three accompaniments – a jicama slaw (not very vinegary or spicy), the mango chutney (a little spicier and quite tasty), and the cucumber raita (this was a huge hit with Nevie).

Nevie comments: Everything was great, the Lamb Kefta slider and the Potato and Pea samosas were my favorite. The Chana Tikki was a bit dry and had a weird texture on the tongue.

Sanaa with Jenevia 140924 - 1

Appetizer Sampler for Two: Potato and Pea Samosas, Chana Tikki (spiced chickpea cakes with tomato chutney), and Lamb Kefta Sliders

I decided to order something I’d never seen before; Chicken Chaat and Bhatura. Luckily, the new menus at Sanaa offer a lot more descriptions than we’ve seen in the past and I was able to figure out that Chicken Chaat was a stew and Bhatura was a bread. I did expect more than the slaw and chickpea salad as the “Chef’s Accompaniments” but by this point, I was getting full and didn’t really need them to fill in any empty spots. I shared the bhatura with Nick and Nevie, we all liked the soft and squishy texture of the bread and it was delicious dipped in the broth of the chicken stew.

At $11.99, Nick and I decided that I’d hit the lunch jackpot – both value-wise and flavor-wise. This is definitely something the two of us would order again. The Sauvignon Blanc paired with this dish was quite nice too.

Sanaa with Jenevia 140924 - 2

Chicken Chaat and Bhatura with Chef’s Accompaniments

Sanaa with Jenevia 140924 - 3

chicken chaat & bhatura (bread)

Nieve ordered the lamb kefta burger – the presentation and accompaniments/sauces are different from the small burgers on the appetizer menu. She really enjoyed this, especially the tamarind sauce. Unfortunately, she was getting full too! So half of the burger was eaten with bun, then the bun was discarded and we helped her finish the burger. The roasted potatoes were a combination of sweet potatoes (although I think they may have been true yams because the flavor was a bit different from sweet potatoes) and white potatoes (which we from the Carolinas grew up calling “irish potatoes”). The wine pairing worked well for Nevie, she likes her reds – she had the Goats do Roam red blend. Before lunch, she had a glass of Chakalaka on our recommendation (Thanks Lisa & Andy!)

Sanaa with Jenevia 140924 - 4

Grilled Lamb Kefta with Tamarind and Cucumber Raita with Roasted Potatoes

Nick ordered the Sustainable Fish with the wine pairing (a Chenin Blanc). The fish was good but the curry sauce was extremely mild and downright nondescript. For the price, this was not a good deal at all – it was priced like an entree at bluezoo for dinner and frankly, it didn’t measure up.

Sanaa with Jenevia 140924 - 5

Sustainable Fish (Corvina) served with seasonal vegetables and a mild curry

Now, we’ve rarely been disappointed with the food at Sanaa – but, honestly, the service is spotty. Our server started out quite attentive and informative. But then when the food started coming, um not so much. We requested the wine pairings when we ordered our entrees and the food was delivered before the wine AND the person bringing the wine didn’t know which white went with which entree (in the end, she got it wrong and the manager brought us two more glasses of wine). There was also a real lack of education and explanation – Nick asked if the sustainable fish changes based on what Sanaa gets, why doesn’t the wine change? It took quite a conversation with the manager to finally understand that they consistently order very mild, non fishy tasting fish for the sustainable fish. While we agree that corvina fits that bill, tilapia would not (it typically tastes a bit muddy).

So, we had a lovely lunch food-wise… And the service was spotty… It won’t stop us from going back to Sanaa… but I really wish they could get the service delivery stuff settled (Observation: they’ve had the same GM for a couple of years and the same Chef even longer… no excuses).

Nevie comments: Unfortunately, they somehow could not get the wine out with the entrees at the same time. Not really sure what happened, but the entrees were getting cold and there was not anything to drink with them. My burger was delicious but it was hard to pick up the lamb flavor through all the spices added to it. Nick’s fish was good but cold by the time he got his wine. Nora really won this one with her chicken dish. She added some of house-made hot sauce to it which gave it a great and welcomed kick. The bread dipped in her curry sauce was the best thing at that meal! We did not get dessert here since we were all very full from the appetizers and entrees. The food was very good but the service was something that definitely needs work.

Craft Beers – Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2014

This wasn’t our first stop at the Craft Beer Marketplace – Nick had stopped in on preview day, we stopped in with Walter and Nevie, and we stopped in again – partly to get out of the heat and because we had time to kill before our second Sake & Food Pairing.

We enjoyed the Spicy Pimento Cheese Dip on our visit with Walter and Nevie. Although we were tempted to get it again, we decided to try the Muffuletta Pinwheels…

Muffuletta Pinwheels with House-made Pickles

Muffuletta Pinwheels with House-made Pickles

These were soggy and rather flavorless. Could have used some green and black olives in them.

soggy pinweels

soggy pinwheels

The pickles however, were very good. The pinwheels weren’t trash can bad, but they aren’t something we have any desire to repeat.

While there, we got the Beer Flight #1 (we’d had Beer Flight #2 with Walter and Nevie, nothing really spectacular there).

craft beers 141016 - 5

1. just a wheat beer; 2. yuck; 3. best one; 4. nothing special (easily attainable)

Two things:

  1. pours are really small
  2. these craft beers aren’t really anything special or unusual… anyone who likes craft beer has probably tasted these before
snack mix

snack mix

When it’s fresh (not soggy or stale), this is probably one of the best things at the Craft Beer Marketplace (excepting the quiet, calm, air-conditioned place to sit). The wasabi peas are good and the crasiins pick up some of the spice from the peas… nice.

Wild Africa Trek with Nevie (in her own words)

We had an early start today to take part in the Wild Africa Trek . When we arrived at Animal Kingdom we were warmly greeted and after a short orientation and bathroom break we were off. After entering the park, it was a bit confusing for me to find where I needed to go because

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Brazil – Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2014

On to Brazil!

We didn’t quite enjoy the Pork Belly from Brazil last year, we wished for a more crispiness. It was disappointing because we really like pork belly.

Crispy Pork Belly with Black Beans, Tomato and Cilantro

This year, it wasn’t disappointing at all. This may be the best thing we’ve had so far

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second Sake & Food Pairing at Tokyo Dining – Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2014

This Epcot Food & Wine Festival dining experience took place on Thursday, October 16, 2014

This was our second visit to the Sake and Food Pairing at Tokyo Dining this year. We arrived early enough for Nick to get some photos of the set-up.

Nick spoke with Garin, there are 32 guests

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Scotland – Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2014

Continuing on with our shortened list for the Marketplace Booths… next up…


Everything was just sitting around waiting when Nick went to the booth to get our tastings – not a good sign.

Last year, we really liked the vegetarian haggis, so we were really looking forward to it this year.

Vegetarian Haggis

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first Tokyo Dining Sake & Food Pairing – Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2014

This Epcot Food & Wine Festival experience took place on Thursday, September 25, 2014

Yes! Two “food & wine lunches” in one day… there was a brief nap at American Adventure between lunches As this was part of Nevie’s visit, my report will be brief and mainly pictorial. A full dtailed review will

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Puerto Rico – Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2014

By this point in the Food & Wine Festival, we went back through our passports and narrowed down our “want to eat” lists…

There were two things that stayed on our list at the Puerto Rico Marketplace: Conch Salad and Tostones (originally this was “Frituras: crispy fried potato balls and fried green plantains with mayo

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Spice Road Table – Mussels Tangine (again)

This dining experience took place on Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lunch today was simple… Mussels Tagine.

We had a new-to-us server, Latifa, she’s been in America for over 3.5 years and came over to Spice Road Table from Restaurant Marrakesh. She was quite attentive and we had a lovely visit to Spice Road

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