Raglan Road, Downtown Disney – Bangers & Booz

This dining adventure took place on Thursday, April 10, 2014

Like last week, I started with a green salad (this time with two of those lovely blistered tomatoes and no dressing) and Nick started with a Caesar salad.

#raglanroadpub #bangerandmash 10APR2014

oh yum! this time there was some roasted garlic on my tomatoes

#raglanroadpub #bangerandmash 10APR2014

lovely salad, makes me smile

We decided to order something new to us… Bangers & Booz

#raglanroadpub #bangerandmash 10APR2014

Banger & Booz – Guinness & onion banger on mash, topped with caramelized onions & beef stew

The beef stew was excellent, the flavors were a bit sweet and sour, very interesting. The banger (sausage) was very tender. The mash was a bit disappointing… it didn’t seem like Chef Kevin Dundon’s mash at all. It tasted like boxed instant potatoes, deeper in (away from the gravy) there was more potato flavor. Maybe it was an anomaly that day. This isn’t to say that overall the dish was very very good… just that the mash wasn’t up to usual.

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