Splitsville, Downtown Disney – the Alberto

This dining experience took place on Thursday, April 17, 2014

We were out on a recent walk about and knew that we needed some sustenance – Splitsville was right up our alley (get it? Alley? Bowling Alley??)

Since we’re nearly always watching our carb intake, we ordered the Alberto…

#splitsville #thealberto 17APR2014 - 1

section of Splitsville Menu

#splitsville #thealberto 17APR2014 - 2

Light and refreshing, very tasty

#splitsville #thealberto 17APR2014 - 3

Look at the deep beefy tuna and the dab of sriracha on top

The pieces are a bit large for a single mouthful (that’s how you’re SUPPOSED to eat sushi) and without rice, a bit slick to eat in two bites. Overall, a bit messy and drippy but very tasty. This is a repeatable item for us.

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