2013 Eat Each Sandwich Challenge – Earl of Sandwich – The All American

The fourth installment in the Eat Each Sandwich Challenge (#2013eateachsandwich)... So far, nora has eaten...
  • Hawaiian BBQ
  • Italian
  • Ham 'n' Swiss
Today's entry is the All American
Earl of Sandwich, The All American

Earl of Sandwich, The All American

Described as "Roast Turkey, Buttermilk Ranch, Cranberries, Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, and Roma Tomato" - This one is YUM YUM!

Mini Review

The ranch dressing is an excellent accompaniment to the components, just plain good (probably high calorie too :)) with a good buttermilk flavor I'm definitely a fan of lettuce and tomato on my sandwiches! Cheddar cheese is flavorful and noticeable The cranberry sauce isn't - flavorful or noticeable that is - it isn't sweet, it isn't tart, it isn't very cranberry-ish (no, it isn't comparable to canned cranberry sauce so common here in America, this stuff is just bland)... Most likely I'd ask for them to leave it off in the future Nick should get this next week with his scrambled egg Suggestions: skip the cranberry sauce Final: this is likely to be on the repeat list
Close-up of the All American

Close-up of the All American

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