The 2012 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

Yay! It’s begun…

The festival officially began on Friday, September 28th BUT due to whole raft of things, we didn’t get over to Epcot for photo taking until Sunday mornIng….

(click on photos to enlarge them)

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The central display as you enter Epcot… They’re using a lot of material from last year and honestly, it looks pretty cheap.

These look like they’re made of paper. We’re pretty sure that these aren’t the actual pieces from last year, that they’ve been reprinted – but they’re the same designs.

The information booth is behind Spaceship Earth, before you get to the Fountain of Nations.

The cranberry bog is back again this year and so are the free craisins from Ocean Spray Cranberries.

“Harvested” cranberries

Across the lagoon, at the entrance to World Showcase, there is a watermelon patch and interesting facts about watermelons…

There are a few watermelons growing here (but it’s not as impressive as the gardens in past years)

Watermelons need Sun, Honeybees, and Water…. that’s it… well, according to the sign, that’s it…

Fun facts about watermelons…

more fun facts…

This is nora’s favorite… use a watermelon in place of a pumpkin or a squash when you carve a jack-o-lantern or other face… bet it doesn’t last as long as a pumpkin!

One of two World Showplace displays…

The second World Showplace display…

As usual, there are banner around World Showcase telling you that the Food & Wine Festival is going on…. as if all the booths aren’t enough of a clue!

One of the Festival merchandise booths. These have a much more “permanent” feel than in past years – they even have sliding, secure doors.


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